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e3 distinguishes itself from our competitors in a number of ways that benefit your business:

e3 Consulting

e3 Holistic Approach:

  • Focuses on the interrelationship between Service, Information and Process
  • Ensures identification and resolution of Root Causes
  • Can be used for both incremental improvement and major transformation

e3 Business Model:

  • Focuses on small to medium-sized businesses
  • ‘Simple’, inexpensive data solutions
  • Customized, business-specific training and support, rather than ‘canned’ solutions
  • Equips clients to become self-sufficient to keep costs low
  • Measurable results (ROI)
  • Addresses the need for training as well as improvement projects

e3 Team

  • Experience spans a wide variety of industries
  • Ensures that training and projects are based on the unique needs of our clients
  • Delivers tangible, measurable results
  • Understands and balances the roles of Facilitator and Subject Matter Expert very well

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