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The Analytic Organization: make decisions on what you know

Information is the cornerstone for analyzing any business. Typically, small and mid-sized businesses believe they don’t have the time to spend collecting information or that it is too hard and expensive to do so.

e3 Consulting

e3 Consulting
Collecting information is not complicated, but it is hard. It takes commitment on the part of small business owners and managers. e3 knows small businesses can’t spend money on expensive IT solutions they have no ability to maintain. e3 Information Excellence services focus on simple solutions that teach you how to gather, store and analyze information using inexpensive tools or software that you probably already have.

Benefits of Excellent Information

  • Increased company value
  • Improved understanding of markets and customers – how to service the most profitable customers
  • Improved decision support and capabilities to monitor progress – improved reliability and speed
  • Cultural Change – “What has happened?” (no control over) vs. “What will happen?” (controllable because of good information)
  • Adaptability – changes in customer demands, emerging trends and technologies
  • Renewability – predict changes in customer preferences and transform to meet those changes

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