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e3 Consulting is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. e3 focuses on the needs of small businesses. Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in process management, data analysis, service operations and process improvement.

e3 Consulting

e3 Consulting
e3 maintains a tight focus on the factors that enable your business to achieve maximum performance and stay ahead of the competition. e3 Consulting

The e3 methodology focuses on three areas of excellence:

  • Process
  • Information
  • Service

e3 defines Competitive Excellence as the intersection of these three core areas.

The e3 methodology is applicable across a wide variety of industries – both manufacturing and service – in small to medium-sized organizations.

e3 experts provide the in-depth training in the areas of process, service and information. Our consultants can also lead strategic projects or provide coaching support to help organize our clients' efforts and maximize their chances for project success.

We champion the concept of an enterprise managed according to the pillars of service, information and process:

  • The ‘ACT’ (Attitude, Communication, and Training) of service excellence 
  • Taking a disciplined approach to process improvement and process measurement via Six Sigma
  • Making data ‘actionable’
  • Creating a culture that embraces change

The e3 approach brings your organization the structure, professional support, and specialized tools needed to outperform your competition. 

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