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The e3 methodology is geared toward helping your business achieve an edge over your competitors. The methodology is standardized and works in any industry, regardless of company size.

e3 Consulting

e3 Consulting
However, the application of the methodology is highly customized and specific to the needs of your particular business situation. Prior to each engagement, e3 spends an enormous amount of time understanding the intricacies of your business in order to develop a roadmap for successful implementation of our methodology. This roadmap is created collaboratively, with stakeholders, in such a way that people or functional units within the organization can grasp and implement changes quickly.

The e3 methodology is a powerful driver of improved competitiveness because it is:

  • Focused – Driven by one or more critical business issues
  • Integrated – Focuses on the interrelationship of the three (3) areas of excellence:
    • Service
    • Information
    • Process
  • Strategic – Aligns behaviors with strategic goals and outcomes
  • Measurable – Organizational performance is no longer left open to interpretation
  • Practical – The methodology is easy to grasp and can be implemented quickly

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