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As a small business owner, you face immense pressure to balance your dream of running a business with the difficulties of managing day-to-day operations. These difficulties inhibit your ability to strategically plan for the future.

e3 Consulting

e3 Consulting
e3 services are designed to help bring a little bit of Wall Street to your business on Main Street by providing training, consultation, and coaching in the areas of Information, Process and Service. e3 solutions are SIMPLE and tailored to help you achieve Competitive Excellence by focusing on the areas of Information, Process and Service as they pertain to your small business environment.

e3 defines Competitive Excellence as a culture built on the integration of Information, Service, and Process. It is driven by a fundamental, customer-centric approach to the way your company manages processes and projects, develops and retains talent, and leverages information. This customer-centric approach is applied to each and every thing you do and allows your company to surpass the competition through improved responsiveness and adaptability to changes in the market. e3 consultants, whether through training or on-site consultation, work closely with your small business to identify problems and customize simple solutions that strengthen your competitive position. We do not take away your control or tell you how to run your business. We work with you to clarify your desired outcomes and provide the tools to reach your defined goals. Your relationship with e3 is a highly strategic, personalized service relationship dedicated to your business success.

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